Wireless digital ultrasonic water level gauge water tank level meter

Keep your outdoor water tank in the comfort of your own living room (up to 100m away). The transmitter installed at the top of your water tank measures the water level with an ultrasonic sensor and the temperature with a thermal sensor. You can hang the reception unit on a wall or pull out the stand and place it on your kitchen bench, table or desk. Display the temperature, the tank temperature and the water level (represented on a bar chart with 10 elements) You can save min/max recordings and set alarms for certain water levels (high/low) or when empty.

ultrasonic level gauge

Main features

  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Time alarm
  • Room temperature
  • Water tank temperature
  • Check the water tank depth
  • Water level diagram
  • Record the maximum and minimum temperature/water level of the tank
  • Water tank maximum and minimum alarm
  • All alarm off/on option system
  • Low water level alarm
  • Transmitter low battery / display
  • Water tank update time is 30 seconds or 3 minutes

Ultrasonic level gauge specifications:

Model: TS-FT002
Product Size: Host: 10.5×9.1×1.8cm The outdoor unit 6.6×12.5cm
product weight 330.4g
Package Dimensions: 16.5×11×10.5cm
Temperature Range: 0 -50°C
Transmitter temperature range: -40°C-60°C
Water level measurement 0-15m
Power Supply: 6×AAA batteries

Remarks: The effective distance of this product is 100 meters, and the open distance is 30 meters.

water level

Set the depth of the tank. When the display unit is powered up, the LCD display activates for 4 minutes and beeps. Then the depth of the system tank shows "0.00", Press the + / MAX / MIN button or the - / TANK button to set the tank depth. Press and hold + MAX / MIN button or the -/ TANK button to quickly set the tank depth. Press the SET button to enter the gap value setting.

Set temperature unit. The temperature unit flashes. Press + / MAX / MIN or - / Tank to select the temperature unit °C or °F

temperature sensor
liquid sensor

In the normal display mode, press the ALARM button and the previously set time alarm will be displayed. Press the SET button for 3 seconds to set the hour alarm, and the hourm alaram will flash. Press + / MAX / MIN or - / TANK to increase or decrease the hour alarm. After the hour alaarm is set, press the SET button to set the minute alarm.

Installation Notes

H3: The distance from the bottom of the sensor to the bottom of the barrel
R: Distance from sensor to tank wall

installation notes

Incorrect installation examples:

incorrect installation
  1. The sensor is not installed at a level horizontal position
  2. The sensor is too close to the TANK wall
  3. There are solid objects in the tank
  4. The transmitter bottom is dipped in the water (or other liquids in the tank)

Key Description

key description

  1. Long press to set the time / switch 12/24 hour system
  2. Switch MIN and MAX
  3. Value display area
  4. Tank level high and low alarm indicator

Product size

product sizing

Product packaging

  1. receiver
  2. transmitter
  3. user manual
  4. screws
  5. batteries not included (6 × AAA + 2 × AA)